Why Cooperative Societies

A co-operative society is another means for forming a legal entity to conduct business besides forming a company. It pools together human resources in the spirit of self and mutual help with the object of providing services and support to members. One of the most powerful channels of investment is cooperative societies. Many people have heard about them, but only few understand them and the immense opportunities they offer. As a result, only a fraction of the society are tapping into and enjoying these opportunities. Even the government is yet to realize how powerful cooperative societies can be, especially in eradicating poverty and improving welfare of the citizens. For the individual, especially low income earners, it is perhaps the least stressful and risky ways to save, invest, and improve personal welfare. Going forward, we would devote time and space to exploring the investment opportunities of a cooperative society for the individual and its development benefit for the nation. Also, as we go along, we would compare cooperatives to other forms of investment, so as to highlight its advantages.

Comparative Table Lahore District


  • Cooperative Housing Societies
  • Lahore Development Authority (LDA)
  • Housing and Urban Development Department
  • Private Housing Schemes Lahore Improvement Trust (LIT)
  • Total:


  • 106809
  • 103000
  • 4705
  • 138503
  • 8425
  • 361442


  • 29.5
  • 28.5
  • 1.3
  • 38.3
  • 2.4
  • 100%
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